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Working Board vs. Governance Board

Updated: Feb 5

What kind of Board are we?

Since our inception, ADDSTEAM has been considered a "working board."

What is a working board of directors?

In addition to traditional governance responsibilities, a working board of directors has operational responsibilities. This means board members are responsible for not only setting organizational direction, but also carrying it out.

In a working board, there may be little distinction in roles between what a staff or board member would traditionally do. Board members may lead programs, manage day-to-day logistics, and directly manage non-executive staff members (such as a volunteer coordinator or office coordinator).


What is a governing board of directors?

Compared to a working board, a governing board of directors is mainly focused on governance. A governing board sets the direction for the organization and the staff carries it out, including regularly reporting back to the board on progress. The role of a governing board is to provide the oversight, accountability, and checks and balances that ensure a nonprofit reaches its goals and remains sustainable.

What type of work needs to be done for ADDSTEAM? Examples:

  1. Applications

    1. Applicants need to be recruited and our scholarship announcement need to be distributed on social media, to schools and businesses and other organizations that serve our target population.

    2. Applications need to be reviewed and a recommendations need to be provided to the board for final approval.

  2. Webinars

    1. Presenters need to be selected and recruited.

    2. Participants need to be recruited and encouraged to join. (Major need)

  3. Social Media Posts

    1. Need posts written/created and responded to

  4. Mentoring/Coaching

    1. Quarterly engagement with all scholars

    2. Ad Hoc requests need to be responded to

  5. Website

    1. Needs developing and upkeep

  6. Events

    1. need to be staffed (guests checked in, questions answered, troubleshooting)

    2. need to solicit sponsors (Major need)

    3. need to solicit guests to purchase tickets

    4. need to select emcee and/or entertainment

  7. Growth

    1. need to grow our database of philanthropic donors (Major need)

    2. need to build our database of potential employers

    3. need to grow our database of early career scholars

  8. Gratitude

    1. need to gather impact stories from scholars/participants for newsletter, impact reports and solicitation campaigns

    2. need to write thank you notes or call donors (all donors at this point since there have been about 50 a year)


**Areas labeled major need are opportunities for board members to jump in now to support ADDSTEAM.

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